Sacred Feminine Power Podcast

The Sacred Feminine Power podcast explores various aspects of feminine power and introduces the voices of Soul Sisters and Brothers who are dedicated to the path of the Divine Feminine and stepping into their power in their own unique ways in different parts of the world.

As such, it births a powerful portal for the transmission of feminine wisdom and energy, which – in its perfect imperfections – is intended to take you deeper into your inner knowing and to activate cellular shifts as you navigate the great awakening taking place on our planet as we speak.

If you’ve been feeling the call of the Great Mother and there’s a yearning in you for a connection to something greater, then this podcast will resonate with you and give you insights and plenty of womb winks on your journey home.

I am so grateful for being connected to your Sacred Feminine Power podcast, which is now a part of my daily morning ritual. I am deeply inspired, excited and hopeful about your diverse guests; who they are and the magic they are bringing to Divine Mother Earth.
Bless you!!! – Eva Sin


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Healing the Five Core Feminine Wounds with Emmi

In today’s episode, you get to listen to me talk about my journey and how an especially painful experience of the Sister Wound opened up a beautiful journey of transformation and healing, and led to the creation of my body of work around the Five Core Feminine Wounds.

I also chat to you about the:

  • Mother Wound, which is about our relationships with our own mothers as well as our experiences of motherhood in its many formats);
  • Body Wound, which relates to the narrow notions of beauty and attractiveness that dictate so many of our lives, the over-medicalisation of pregnancy and birth and the current threat to bodily autonomy);
  • Menstruation Wound, which centers around the shaming of menstrual blood and the need to hide our monthly cycles and our disconnectedness;
  • Womb Wound, which focuses our disconnection from these sacred cauldrons of wisdom and power and the fact that we’ve been made to forget this power,

and leave you with a message of hope around wounds being gateways into incredible wisdom and healing potential.

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Healing Through Ancestral Roots & Sacred Embroidery with Erika Maizi

Erika shares openly and vulnerably about her breast cancer diagnosis and how healing practices such as sacred embroidery practiced by her ancestors in her homeland and medicine doll making have played a huge role in her healing process. She also talks about the importance of treating cancer as a message about what is going on at a deeper level and how conversations with her tumor have opened her up to a more feminine lifestyle and to a greater balance between the feminine and the masculine.

Erika’s gift: Free excerpt from Erika’s book, The Wyrding Way.

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Dancing the Deep Feminine with Kali Satyagraha Widd

Kali Satyagraha Widd, a deeply loved & widely respected facilitator & practitioner of body- and movement-based healing modalities, a RedTent facilitator and a world music DJ, shares about her journey of healing from a horse riding accident that gave her the wake up call that she needed to move from a successful career in advertising and marketing that did not make her happy to fulfilling her soul purpose. Our chat weaves in so much richness from the importance of balancing our sacred feminine and masculine energies, rooting into Mama Earth’s infinite wisdom, taking conscious steps towards living in heart-centred 5D consciousness and much, much more!

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Permission to Put Yourself First with Jane Sleight-Leach

Jane shares openly and vulnerably about own her healing journey from an abusive relationship and gives powerful advice for those of us who may be experiencing domestic violence in its myriad of facets, including gaslighting.

We chat about the need to acknowledge the emotional experiences of women after they have left abusive relationships and provide safe, nurturing spaces to heal, the kind of beliefs that abused women often hold onto about themselves and the world around them, as well as trauma in the collective consciousness of women and how we can begin to lift out of suppression.

If you are experiencing – or have experienced – domestic violence, I invite you to listen with compassion and care, taking full responsibility for your wellbeing, and feeling into the interview as a message of hope.

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The Healing Power of the Menstrual Cycle with Sama Morningstar

Sama talks about her quest for deeper intimacy and healthy sexuality in relationships and how this quest led her on a womb awakening journey, where reclaiming the power of our menstrual cycles as sacred and healing plays a central role. She also elaborates on the collective trauma response we are currently living through and how each and every one of us can support a global healing process by reconnecting with our own cycles and the cycles of nature and by releasing our own individual trauma patterns.

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Magical New Beginnings with Sharon King

Sharon talks about a personal experience involving a male teacher whose repressive behaviour gave her a chance to do some deep healing around authority wounds and step into her own power. She also elaborates on the importance of working with and finding the gifts in traumatic experiences, particularly around pregnancy and birth, and emphasises that all of us are capable of healing and transforming trauma into something that empowers us, regardless of the programming that we have been exposed to. Finally, Sharon shares her view on the current times of transition and how we are all being presented with an unprecedented opportunity to create a new reality that is based on love and collaboration.

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Tao of Feminine Empowerment with Anamarta

Anamarta shares eloquently about her journey from a hormonal dysfunction and a diagnosis of ‘early menopause’ to having a healthy menstrual cycle again and becoming an internationally acclaimed teacher of Taoist practices and the Creatrix of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, Kuan Yin Qigong and Tao of Moon Power. We also talk about the rise of the Divine Feminine and how important it is for all of us to root into our bodies, balance feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and lead heart- and womb-centered lives.

For the free Online Jade Circle® in special times of the Taoist, Moon, Solar (Pagan) Calendars, check Anamarta’s Upcoming Events.

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Soul Connections with Elena Angel

Elena takes us on a fascinating exploration of how to combine the divine and the mundane and move past the often deceptive nature of relationships that can be very painful. She talks about the Tantric path (its healing power and potential to cause harm) and the concept of soul connections, and why approaching all relationships through the soul is so important.

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The Singing Shaman: Conversations with the Great Mother with Linda Go

Linda shares openly about the voices and sounds she would hear from an early age and how these voices – that sometimes felt like a curse – led her on a path of shamanic healing, the esoteric tantric path of death and dying and the sacred sounds of the chakras. She also talks about the constricting energy of fear, the importance of shifting our mindset into one of thriving in the moment, and her deep connection to nature and the Great Mother – as such she reminds us that we are all so loved and held and supported at all times. Apologies for the occasional background noises.

Linda’s gift is free audio downloads for the Anjali Bhakti mantra and the Sound of the Chakras Guide.
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Shekinah: the Female Face of God with Mike Bais

Mike opens up the interview with a beautiful invocation and goes on to share about his childhood experience of feeling like an alien, as well as having visions of the Lady in White. He then leads us into a fascinating discussion around Shekinah as the female face of God, how the feminine has been systematically removed from many religions, Kabbalah as a deep spiritual tradition, the Round Table mysteries whose teachings live on, the importance of balancing the feminine and the masculine within us and in our world and much, much more!

For Mike’s gift, a free chapter (introduction) from his book ‘a Kabbalistic view on science’ including a meditation, email Mike at

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