My Journey

Hello, I’m Emmi, founder of Feminine Revered.

I guide women on journeys of transformation during which we heal and discover gifts in the five core feminine wounds around motherhood, sisterhood, menstruation, our bodies and our wombs. In the process we unlearn and let go of what no longer serves us, reconnect to ancient feminine wisdom (already within all of us) and align with our powerful, authentic, divine selves.

My own journey has been deeply enriched and nourished by working on these core wounds. I was introduced to wound work through an especially painful personal experience a few years ago. I had become close friends with a woman whose thinking resonated with mine and who shared not just the same values but the same vision. We had agreed to work together and talked about running joint retreats. Although we both led busy lives and did not meet very often, I felt our bond was strong enough to outlast the distance.

One day, she invited me for lunch at her house and as we were chatting, mentioned that she was about to run a retreat in the near future. A retreat I knew nothing about. In that moment I felt like the ground opened up underneath me and I dropped into a dark hole. It was hard to breathe, and I felt devastated, betrayed to the core. I am not quite sure how I managed to finish lunch and drive back home, as all I wanted was to scream and cry.

The experience stayed with me for a very long time. I spent hours trying to dilute the feeling of betrayal and the anger and sadness that accompanied it, using all the healing tools in my bag and reaching out to my colleagues and friends for help. But the feeling would not shake off. My logical mind understood that my friend had done nothing wrong. She had simply followed her heart and for whatever reason, I was not part of that path. Yet my heart could not let go. It held onto the anger, transforming it into bitterness and resentment.

Somewhere within, I could sense that there was something deeper at play here, something that went well beyond the words uttered at that lunch date, but I could not place my finger on it. A few months later I ‘stumbled’ (there are no coincidences, really!) upon a number of books and podcasts that, in describing the collective experiences of women within the patriarchal paradigm, described the impact of the Sister Wound – and in doing so, described my experience to the tee.

I understood in an instant that I, too, carried the wounds and the scars of those women burned at the stake hundreds of years ago. That I, too, carried the pain of women coerced into accusing their friends, mothers, sisters and daughters of witchcraft and witnessing executions as a result of these betrayals. That in my cells, I carried memories of hysterectomies, forced sterilisations, and confinement into asylums for being hysterical or just too emotional. Of domestic violence, gang rapes, genital mutilation and child marriages. Subconsciously, I held onto globally held connotations of being dirty and untouchable because I bleed every month and that my sexual power is something to be ashamed of. That the betrayal and utter desperation that I felt on that otherwise sunny day, stemmed from life times of being shunned and persecuted, shut down and silenced – and betrayed by fellow women.

I also realised that my friend had come into my life to teach me this. To take me to the bottom so that I could understand and rise up as a stronger, more compassionate version of myself. So that I could heal my wounds and as a result, help heal those who came before me and those who come after me.

This is the power and potential that we all carry within us, within our wounds.

Since then, I have been working very consciously not just on the Sister Wound, but also the other four core feminine wounds that have all played an immensely important part in my life. In the process, I have uncovered a multitude of truths and wisdom and shed layers of shame, fear, guilt and anxiety.

It is now my calling to hold a sacred, protected space for other women, as they heal lifetimes of wounding, nourish their wombs and souls, and learn to lead from a place of inner conviction and authenticity.

The Feminine Revered Program is based on my own experiences, the experiences of my clients, personal research as well as countless, heart-warming chats with women across the globe. In it, I combine healing methods that I have mastered with ancient sacred feminine practices as well as guidance from my ancestors and spirit guides.

It is my absolute honor to support you on your journey of healing and transformation.



Emmi is an intuitive healer, wisdom keeper and a shamanic womb Priestess and teacher, dedicated to re-awakening ancient feminine wisdom. She is an initiate to a South African shamanic lineage and trained in womb shamanism (Fountain of Life and Sanctuary of Sophia), Zen Shiatsu and Usui and Lightarian Reiki. Emmi is also an advanced level EFT (EFTI), Matrix Reimprinting (MRA) and Heal Your Birth Protocols practitioner. In her sacred healing work, Emmi weaves these modalities together to create a magical experience for deep healing and transformation for women of all ages around the world, holding a safe, protected and non-judgmental space for the emergence of authentic connection, profound knowing and inner power. She works with women one on one and in groups, both face to face, online and in retreat settings with the intention of raising the frequency of our planet and fostering healing one womb at a time.

Emmi also hosts the Sacred Feminine Power podcast and runs House of Gaia, a suburban sanctuary and a centre for healing and transformation in Lusaka, Zambia. She is the creatrix of a soul-centred leadership training for female leaders of civil society organisations. With an MA in Human Rights, Emmi continues to support organisations in their quest to end injustice and inequality.


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