Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered


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Recent Interviews

Sacred Womb Activation, Phoenix Heart Festival

Radical Self Love interview with Anne Klint at Phoenix Heart Festival

The Light Within podcast interview with Afua Tiah

Return of the Priestess III

Soul-Aligned Leader Summit with Shirley Lohmaier

Sacred Success Salon with Anna Kowalska

Womb Alchemy talk with with Sarah Dous

Feminine Empress Temple Activation interview and guided journey with Jonita D’Souza; Held by the Great Mother

In this interview, I chat with Terra Christoff, host of the Sacred Feminine Business Revolution series, about visibility wounds and why it is so important to heal these wounds if you are wanting to birth your own soul-aligned business outside of the outdated, often damaging masculine models and lead from your unique feminine energy and power.


Emmi speaks with Tara Preston of She Rose Revolutionaries about her womb awakening journey and why connecting with our wombs is so important.

Emmi’s “Womb-Heart” interview with Mare Cromwell of the 1000 Goddesses Global Grid Gathering.


Emmi chats with Eva-lena Andersson of Heart to Heart about the current times of transition, the rise of the Divine Feminine and why rooting into love is so very important.


Emmi’s interview with Krysal Hille of Soul Leadership Podcast about our multi-author book, Fearless Prescence.

Anchor Your Creativity Into the Earth - Instagram Poster

Emmi chats with Laura Bacon, host of the Anchor Your Creativity Into the Earth Summit about our wombs as cauldrons of creativity.

Cover Art - The Fertility Hub

Emmi chats with Lorraine Drohan, aka Soul Baby Whisperer, about the wisdom, power and sacredness of our wombs and the importance of cultivating a conscious connection to our womb spaces for the healing of trauma and wounds.


Emmi chats with Dawn DelVecchio, the host of the Return of the Priestess Summit, about her healing journey from depression and burn out and describes the birth of her Feminine Revered Program through a painful experience of the Sister Wound.


Emmi chats with Aimee Murphy, host of the Pleasure as Prayer Summit, about sacred feminine power and how the five core feminine wounds can both hinder our experience of pleasure and provide us opportunities for deep insights and healing.


Emmi on the Embodied Shakti Summit with Sama Morningstar talking about the sacred feminine, menarche rites and yoni steaming.


Emmi chats with Abigail Mensah-Bonsu of the Sovereign Divinity Podcast about sacred feminine power and the five core feminine wounds

Emmi on the Womb-Centered Healing Podcast with Sama Morningstar talking about the Five Core Feminine Wounds and much, much more.

Emmi on the Womb-Centered Healing Podcast with Sama Morningstar on reclaiming our feminine power.

Emmi chatting about the five core feminine wounds with Liesel Teversham of Savvy Self Growth for Introverts.