Diving Deep, Rising High


The Diving Deep, Rising High Program takes you on a deep transformational one-on-one healing journey that is rooted in the energies of the Divine Feminine and tailored to your unique life and Soul experiences.

It is likely to be of energetic resonance for you if you have been:

  • feeling a disconnect between how you show up and how you feel inside;
  • holding onto heaviness within that is blocking your joy and that you just don’t seem to be able to lift;
  • dimming your light and keeping yourself from expressing who you truly are;
  • unable to feel whole and love yourself exactly the way you are;
  • yearning for a more authentic connection, a truer way of being in the world

The program weaves together ancient feminine healing modalities, modern energy shifting practices and intuitive womb awakening processes, designed to support you on your journey into the feminine dimension.

I hold a sacred, safe and non-judgemental space for you as you tap deep into the intuitive realms of the Great Mother and connect to your innate wisdom. Online healing sessions are combined with integration work that can be done from the comfort of your home, at a time of your choice and that will be based on guidance and support from me.

During our collaboration, you will get to explore the five core feminine wounds and how they manifest for you, receive a toolkit of practices to support you as you return to feminine radiance and work on embracing your innate, authentic strength that is so needed in our world today.

Is your heart calling you to find out more? Do you feel the resonance of this in your womb space?

If so, I invite you to book a complimentary Sacred Energy Activation during which you will:

  • Receive a high frequency activation that opens the channel to Mother Divine
  • Gain clarity about your vision (what you are truly desiring)
  • Explore what is blocking you from reaching your vision
  • Receive guidance on possible support and next steps

Thank you, beautiful Emmi, for coming into my life and breathing deep empathy, wisdom and love into it. Thank you for reaching out your hand to help and give support during a really challenging time in my life. Thank you for seeing my Essence and reflecting it back to me, again and again. And in so doing reminding me of the power of love that lies deep inside me.

With every single session I’ve had with you, I feel so deeply connected, held and given space to BE, without fear of being judged. The warm sound of your voice is not only soothing and reassuring, it makes me feel safe and held. You guide and facilitate with so much compassion, and yet also so skilfully. With your guidance I feel safe to feel, express and release emotions and energies that I find very challenging… and something very beautiful, deep and rich emerges.

I hope that many, many young women come to be touched by your healing work and by your who-you-are-ness.


South Africa