Sacred Feminine Power Podcast

The Sacred Feminine Power podcast explores various aspects of feminine power and introduces the voices of Soul Sisters and Brothers who are dedicated to the path of the Divine Feminine and stepping into their power in their own unique ways in different parts of the world.

As such, it births a powerful portal for the transmission of feminine wisdom and energy, which – in its perfect imperfections – is intended to take you deeper into your inner knowing and to activate cellular shifts as you navigate the great awakening taking place on our planet as we speak.

If you’ve been feeling the call of the Great Mother and there’s a yearning in you for a connection to something greater, then this podcast will resonate with you and give you insights and plenty of womb winks on your journey home.

I am so grateful for being connected to your Sacred Feminine Power podcast, which is now a part of my daily morning ritual. I am deeply inspired, excited and hopeful about your diverse guests; who they are and the magic they are bringing to Divine Mother Earth.
Bless you!!! – Eva Sin


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Weekly podcasts celebrating various aspects of Sacred Feminine Power

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