Client Love


Thank you, beautiful Emmi, for coming into my life and breathing deep empathy, wisdom and love into it. Thank you for reaching out your hand to help and give support during a really challenging time in my life. Thank you for seeing my Essence and reflecting it back to me, again and again. And in so doing reminding me of the power of love that lies deep inside me. With every single session I’ve had with you, I feel so deeply connected, held and given space to BE, without fear of being judged. The warm sound of your voice is not only soothing and reassuring, it makes me feel safe and held. You guide and facilitate with so much compassion, and yet also so skilfully. With your guidance I feel safe to feel, express and release emotions and energies that I find very challenging… and something very beautiful, deep and rich emerges. I’m really in awe of how you work, your bigness of heart, your quiet knowing. With your help, I am able to bring playful, loving light to dark and painful situations and emotions, often leading to immediate shifts in my external world and an ability to face difficulties with a greater sense of empowerment, energy and tenderness toward those near and dear to me. I hope that many, many young women come to be touched by your healing work and by your who-you-are-ness.
Katlego, South Africa

I was going through one of the darkest periods of my life, everything seemed to be falling apart; my personal life, career, as well as academic life were not going the way I would have wanted. As if that wasn’t enough, the person I trusted the most betrayed me, leaving me feeling unwanted, unloved, useless and dejected. I confided in a very close friend of mine who recommended tapping. I contacted Emmi who arranged a Skype session with me. During that session, she helped me see how some childhood experiences were affecting me as an adult, having lost my mother at a young age and blaming myself for her death. I had never expressed myself so freely with anyone before, the session with Emmi helped release the tension, negative energy and guilt I had been carrying in me for all these years. I now have renewed hope and no longer feel trapped in the dark hole I was before. I would greatly recommend Emmi.
Sepo, Zambia

Emmi has worked with me several times and I have enjoyed her sensible, soft, calm and highly professional approach to the support she has given me through our sessions. I felt safe and understood and always much more relaxed after the sessions. Since our joint work, my life has become so much easier and more joyful. Thank you, Emmi, for your great support!
Christine, Germany

Working with Emmi has opened my eyes and my heart. Before I started, I struggled a lot with finding a way to reach my inner child and to make a connection with my core being. I could never have imagined that that I could get so much relief on physical, mental and spiritual levels, and understand myself better. Each session with Emmi helped me to look at the different pieces of the puzzle and we dug a little deeper on whatever came up as a topic. Emmi is someone who makes you feel safe, coaches and guides you on the way. She helped me find my way back to my inner child, and we even processed a past life event together! I am very grateful for that!”
Anonymous, Zambia

I finally feel like I have hope again!
Tara, Germany

Emmi and her work are almost always at the top of my gratitude list! Sessions with Emmi have been a transformational experience for me, not only do I feel immediate relief surrounding whatever we’re working on, but I continue to see and feel the results of the profound shift we’ve created, working in my life, long after our sessions. Sometimes it feels as if I have had deep spiritual “cosmetic” surgery and I just love working with Emmi! She is non-judgemental, nothing is off-limits and I feel safe to work with her on anything I am going through. She provides a safe and comfortable environment in which to delve into my innermost thoughts and feelings. Emmi always knows just the right thing to say or do while leading our sessions. I often find myself smiling during our first rounds of tapping as I begin to relax and know that everything will be ok (I actually begin to feel better even after just having made an appointment with her).
Sabrina, Zambia

Emmi’s work is simply amazing and so effective. Emmi’s soft calming voice guided me through emotional changes within our sessions. She is incredibly patient and considerate. She helped me change my fears and anger. I am so thankful to her as my life is rapidly changing in a positive way. I would recommend Emmi anytime; working with her, you will feel yourself change on a daily basis.
Mirela, UK

Emmi is a light worker and an incredible healer.  Her power to transform and reshape negative past experiences and entrenched ideas about oneself is amazing. I have had crippling feelings of guilt for many years which Emmi has helped me to embrace and overcome. Friends have commented that I appear ‘lighter’ and that a burden appears to have been visibly lifted from me. This is true! I will be forever grateful for the relief she has given me and for what I have been able to share with her in a safe and protected environment.  Thank you, Emmi, from the bottom of my heart!
Natasha, Zambia

Emmi is a wonderful and expertly skilled energy medicine practitioner. From the first session I felt very comfortable and totally safe with Emmi, who is one of the most intuitive healers I have ever worked with. She gently helped me to dig deeper and guided me through difficult emotions. Profound shifts happened during every session. Now, instead of referring back to the original, negative scenarios, I go to new positive pictures and feelings. With Emmi’s help, I have also learned to apply simple, yet powerful healing methods to myself. They continue to bring more focus and peace to my life.
Päivi, Finland

The sessions with Emmi have completely transformed my understanding of the issues I face in my life now. I have been able to reach into the past and make connections as to why I have been attracting certain situations and why I react strongly and emotionally to particular triggers.

I have been able to identify and re-shape beliefs I have formed during my childhood and also beliefs that I have inherited from generations before me.

The work I have done with Emmi’s guidance has been amazing and life changing. I have been able to connect to my power, and remember who I truly am. By delving in to my deep subconscious and listening to myself, I have found and fixed positive images and affirmations into my being. I feel like I have been able to uncover and make peace with who I am, and am now much better positioned to try and break pattens and stop cycles of negative perceptions and thoughts as I am able to understand the source.

Through this work, I am transforming my inner life, I have connected with my guides and am learning to celebrate and love my journey. I am doing the groundwork to be able to manifest the outer life I choose through love and understanding. Of course, life is full of up’s and downs but through this inner journey I have been able to clear my path and see much more clearly.

Thank you so much Emmi 🙂
Anonymous, Zambia

I never really understood how human emotions can be so complicated and complex until I went through my own burn out, where everything in my life got shaken up from underneath me like an earthquake. I was continuously feeling sadness and pain inside me and didn’t know how get back to my old self. Working with Emmi has helped me enormously, I’ve learned about the power of being able to heal from the inside and after each session I was feeling better and better. Emmi is so understanding and compassionate and you feel very comfortable opening up about what is truly challenging you internally. I have to say after 6 sessions I am closer to feeling my old self again and feel safe that if I ever need help, I can work with Emmi again.
Anonymous, Zambia

I started working with Emmi when my life seemed to be falling apart and my stress levels were through the roof. I went to one of Emmi’s talks on stress and anxiety management and the content of her talk as well as her soft and calm demeanour gave me hope that if I work with her, things will get better. And once I signed up, there were absolutely no regrets! Emmi knows her stuff and she saved me from absolute despair. There’s no better expert than Emmi when it comes to using energy psychology tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Thanks, Emmi for your amazing work!
Anonymous, Zambia

Emmi’s constellation of healing modalities, including EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and Womb-Centered Healing, weaves together beautifully to create a potent container for deep healing. My session with her was gentle, loving, and potent. I appreciated her ability to effortlessly flow with what was coming up for me, inspire deeper inquiry, and provide supportive practices that I can implement to hold and nourish my ongoing healing process. I look forward to working with her further and would recommend her work to anyone looking to nourish their own Womb-Centered Healing process.
Sama Morningstar
Womb Centered Healing Mentor
Founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple


“Emmi is a strong, committed and honest facilitator of a women’s circle, her Voice comes directly from the power of her Womb and her wisdom irradiates in her whole presence and in the way, she keeps the sacred space safe and grounded for the other women. She brings structure, a strong sense of connection and a deep compassionate attitude to everyone, filling in the space with her warm smile and attention to details. I felt blessed to be part of the whole experience in the retreat “Diving Deep, Rising High” under her skilful and warm-hearted leadership. As a therapist she also masters her craft and her deep experience guides her into a tailored approach to each situation and person. I enjoyed very much being under her wise guidance and receiving healing energies from the Goddess.”
Irina, Diving Deep, Rising High retreat participant

“Diving Deep, Rising High” was a special opportunity for me to go deeper into my personal and collective wounds in a safe, nourishing environment. It gave me a chance to notice and feel my triggers and process complex emotions. It was touching and empowering to share our personal stories. I saw a part of myself in the stories of the other women as well”
Anonymous, Diving Deep, Rising High retreat participant


One of the most nourishing things I have done for myself! Not just the structure, setting and space, but all of the guidance and support that allowed me to delve into the feminine mysteries, were strengthening. Every woman must dive deep and rise high!
Anonymous, Diving Deep, Rising High retreat participant


I would highly recommend the Diving Deep, Rising High retreats. The quality of the facilitation and guidance was deeply ethical and provided the right space to express women’s needs and sorrows in safety. The program enabled us to further and further into our wounds in a way that felt good.
Anonymous, Diving Deep, Rising High retreat participant


Thank you, Emmi, for making us feel protected and for creating a wonderful series of sessions with meaningful exercises with lots of variation (at mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels) and for taking us into the feminine dimension, always guided by your intuition. I felt 100% safe in the space you held and was able to truly dive deep and open the door to transformation. I went especially deep when we were working on the Body Wound, and learned that I can find ways to accept, love and trust my body again. I also absolutely loved the music you chose to accompany the sessions; it helped me to connect at a deeper level, to relax, to ‘let it all out.’ You are a wonderful coach, facilitator and healer. Thank you for being you, I feel blessed to know you!
Anonymous, Diving Deep, Rising High, Lusaka Program participant

The Diving Deep, Rising High Program, Lusaka has been very transformative for me. I have felt safe and supported the whole way and knew that I was being held in a truly non-judgemental space. I was able to really connect to the other women on the program and feel like I was part of a tribe. I have seen shifts with every session and found the guided meditations/journeys very powerful. The gathering on the Menstruation Wound was especially powerful; I am now more understanding about the societal perceptions around our bleeds and how they’ve affected our relationships to our cycles. I now view menstruation from a more feminine and creative perspective and am energised by the ability to connect energetically to my cycle even though I no longer bleed. I’ve also noticed shifts in my perception around sisterhood and how it can be safe and supportive vs. competitive and destructive.

I look forward to continuing my journey and using some of the tools I learned during the program. I think this program is a must for every woman, especially those leading the way in awakening themselves and wanting to be a guide for others along their paths. Reconnecting with our feminine selves and bringing more balance to the world will also have a big impact on society. Thank you, Emmi for hosting the program and for holding a safe space for us to explore and heal and grow.
Jerne, Diving Deep, Rising High, Lusaka Program Participant


I am now calmer and trust that I can work through my blockages and fears. After the Body Wound gathering, my anxiety and depression completely disappeared for a long time and I felt fully healed. I also feel more connected thanks to the bond that formed between the participants. The themes addressed in the program were interesting, relevant and new and the program overall was very powerful in allowing me to shift many of my core wounds. It is also always healing to gather with other like-minded women. After the final gathering, it felt like a dam burst; I was able to let go, cried and cried and felt great compassion for myself. I would like to thank you for this beautiful and meaningful journey.
Anonymous, Diving Deep, Rising High, Lusaka Program participant

I am very glad that I was able to attend this program. I truly felt a bond with my sisters and learned a lot about myself and my relationships. The way I feel towards my own mother has changed for the better and I feel less judgemental towards my own mothering skills and other women. I now view myself and other women with awe as I’ve discovered how amazing we are. I think all women need their tribe and I would highly recommend this program to all women. Thank you for your beautiful energy, sense of humour and guidance!
Anonymous, Diving Deep, Rising High, Lusaka Program participant


Emmi is a full hearted and passionate woman, who organized the Diving Deep Rising High program with her own wisdom and lots of dedication. I felt safe and supported at all times in this lovely group. Emmi was amazing at holding space for each of us and with her facilitation, we developed a strong bond, a true sisterhood, within the group, too. We cried and we laughed together. I got a lot of learnings from this program. I dived deep into my female side, something I have never done in my entire life. I was not aware of how much trapped energy, trauma and unknown history there is in my womb. I am now also fascinated by how much our ancestors influence our lives till today. Emmi took us on journeys and meditations, where we went deep into our subconscious and often far back in time, and this had a huge impact on me.

I truly enjoyed what I learned, I found my female side and I found healing. This program, done by this amazing woman Emmi, has had a huge impact of my personal and my professional life. Bless you, Emmi. I would recommend her program to everyone to raise awareness of who we are and where we come from.
Stefanie, Diving Deep, Rising High, Lusaka Program Participant