Sacred Feminine Power Podcast

The Sacred Feminine Power podcast explores various aspects of feminine power and introduces the voices of Soul Sisters and Brothers who are dedicated to the path of the Divine Feminine and stepping into their power in their own unique ways in different parts of the world.

As such, it births a powerful portal for the transmission of feminine wisdom and energy, which – in its perfect imperfections – is intended to take you deeper into your inner knowing and to activate cellular shifts as you navigate the great awakening taking place on our planet as we speak.

If you’ve been feeling the call of the Great Mother and there’s a yearning in you for a connection to something greater, then this podcast will resonate with you and give you insights and plenty of womb winks on your journey home.

I am so grateful for being connected to your Sacred Feminine Power podcast, which is now a part of my daily morning ritual. I am deeply inspired, excited and hopeful about your diverse guests; who they are and the magic they are bringing to Divine Mother Earth.
Bless you!!! – Eva Sin


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Weekly podcasts celebrating various aspects of Sacred Feminine Power

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Sexual Healing and Feminine Embodiment

Amrita shares about her rich journey of sexual healing from childhood sexual abuse and long term sexual addiction to embracing her wounds and finding wholeness through a powerful connection to Mother Earth as well as her calling as a High Priestess and sexual healing teacher and facilitator.

Amrita’s gift: first 4 chapters of her book, “Reclaiming Aphrodite – The Journey to Sexual Wholeness”

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Saying YES to Yourself and Your Star Heritage with Waxela Sananda

Waxela describes how saying yes to more of and investing fully in herself – along with owning and speaking her truth – have helped her to step fully into her power and to share her message in a way that resonates with thousands. She also encourages us to open ourselves to the many galactic beings that are all around us, ready to support and share their wisdom with us, and to claim our star heritage.

Click  here for Waxela’s free gifts ‘Clearing the Lack Matrix: Activating Self Worth and Wealth Masterclass’ and an ‘Attachment Release’ audio meditation).

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Womb-Centered Alchemy: the Integrated Woman with Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan of the Sacred Womb talks eloquently and powerfully about how her menstrual pain eventually became her ally and took her deep into the wisdom of her womb space.

She expands further on the notion of our wombs being portals of consciousness into the Great Void (the primordial womb) and shares some delicious wisdom around how we all can work with our womb spaces to return to our True Selves and integrate our Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Download your free menstrual cycle tracker.

The Womb Medicine Woman Training.

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Wisdom of the Ages in the Present Day with Anaiya Sophia

Anaiya shares powerfully about her womb awakening journey, the importance of living moment by moment and how we can all contribute towards a new world by rooting into the Divine Feminine. She uses the ancient story of Thecla to draw a potent parallel to the times we live in from the importance of being able to trust our inner knowing to taking action that is based on our truth.

Download Anaiya’s free gift – the story of Thecla.

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Remembering Sacred Pleasure, Reclaiming our Feminine Bliss with Nicole Popper Katzender

Tune in as Nicole shares how her life changed as she started to consciously work with her womb space and feminine energy, how we all have access to a Bliss Instinct or Consciousness and how rooting into our bodies and our full spectrum of emotions can heal us on multi-dimensional levels. Nicole is a Creatrix of Bliss at the EmRahMa Mystery College.

For Nicole’s gift, a Sacred Pleasure Transmission from Sinai, click here. 

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Return of the Priestess with Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn shares about her Priestess Path, wisdom gained from challenges faced along the way and how she’s now stepping fully into her sacred feminine power through her beautiful free online series, Return of the Priestess, that runs from 20-30 April 2020. Dawn’s message about the current Covid-19 pandemic is also especially potent.
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Sacred Menstruation, Sacred Rest with Shri Steep

Listen in as Shri and I talk about her journey of womb healing and the power of the menstrual cycle to take us deep into embodied inner wisdom.

Here’s a link to a free gift from Shri, a Yoga Nidra meditation.

The Wisdom of IxCacao and the 13 Original Clan Mothers with Shanti Bluebird

Join Shanti Bluebird and I as we talk about the sacredness of IxCacao – chocolate – and what it means to go into ceremony with cacao and to honour and embody the wisdom of the 13 Original Clan Mothers and of Mother Earth herself.

Priestess Path of Healing and Luminary Leadership with Angie Twydall

Angie and I flow effortlessly from her womb awakening and healing journey to what it means to her to walk and live the path of a Priestess, a bee-keeper and a luminary leader expressing herself in a sacred union.

Forest Arts and Ancient Feminine Wisdom with Sarah Safauna

We chat about Sarah’s connection to the forests and their primal power to take us to a sacred feminine space, to heal, hold and empower us, no matter what we are going through in life.