Diving Deep Rising High Retreats

Journey to Your Sacred Feminine Essence


18 – 26 SEPT 2022

If you’re drawn to the Goddesses and sacred sites of Egypt and want to experience the healing powers of Magdalene energies and the Sister Circle, then join Emmi of Feminine Revered on a transformational 8-day retreat on the magical Priestess Island in Aswan and beyond!

View of Pyramids at sunrise

The Magdalene Path

Magdalene is an ancient word that means Magic Doorway. The oldest religions and belief systems on Earth recognised and revered the womb as a Magical Doorway into the Otherworld, into the feminine dimension.

We are privileged to live on this planet at a time when so many of us are re-membering and re-claiming our primordial womb wisdom and experiencing an awakening of womb consciousness. The Diving Deep, Rising High retreat will weave womb awakening and healing practices into the program throughout.

Magdalene is of course also the name of Mary Magdalene, the soul companion of Jesus and a powerful Priestess, known for her work with sacred oils and alabaster jars. Many of the historical references available to us today indicate that Mary was trained and initiated as a Priestess in Egypt and used her womb wisdom and knowledge of ancient feminine practices to heal and support people as she walked her path alongside Jesus. We will connect with Mary Magdalene throughout the retreat and incorporate alabaster jars and the sacred essential oils of rose and lotus into the retreat.

The Sister Wound

Priestesses initated in ancient Egypt were known to be powerful healers and alchemists. Because of this power, they were both revered and feared. The rise of the male-dominated, patriarchal reign of the Amun Priesthood led to the systematic persecution and annihilation of sacred feminine wisdom and practices and the utilisation of feminine – or womb-centred – power in ways that distorted the balance of power and drove these practices underground.

During this time, many women turned against each other or rose to high ranks within the priesthood at the expense of their feminine essence and/or of their female friends and colleagues. This machinery of oppression and the pain inflicted on women (and men supportive of the Priestess ways) lives on within us as the Sister Wound – and has been reinforced over time for example during the witch hunts (or the ’burning times). It affects how we relate to other women in our lives and how we see ourselves in relation to other women. It manifests as insecurities, jealousy, unnecessary comparisons and as challenges in forming lasting, trusting friendships or uplifting and supportive working relationships. We will take a deep dive into the Sister Wound, explore how it shows up in your life and what the gifts and treasures within the wound may be.

At the Retreat

The process work will be facilitated in two ways; as group work on specific mornings at our retreat site and one on one healing at specified times during the retreat (please, see the schedule for more information on this). The one on one healing sessions give you a chance to go deeper with the healing work initiated during the group process work and to release aspects of the wound that you may have been aware of even before the retreat. This retreat will take you deep into the mystical, healing, feminine dimension. I will guide you into shamanic, womb-centered meditations and journeys and support you on your path of transformation through ancient feminine practices as well as more modern energy shifting process work. Together, we will also carry out rituals and ceremonies at some of the most sacred sites of Egypt, in and around Aswan as well as in Sakkara, Giza.

The places we will visit include:

  • Sakkara Healing Temple, Giza (Day 1)
  • Priestess Gate, Priestess Island, Aswan (Day 3)
  • Kalabsha Temple, Aswan (Day 3)
  • Nefertari and Hathor II Temples, Abu Simbel (Day 4)
  • Elephantine Island Temple, Aswan (Day 6)
  • Temple of Isis, Philae (Day 7)

For revised itinerary and thematic focus and more information about pricing, accommodation and booking, email Emmi at


Nambwa Tented Lodge, Bwabwata National Park

Diving Deep, Rising High Namibia provides you with an unhurried deep dive into your sacred feminine essence and enables the gentle unraveling of decades, generations and lifetimes of beliefs and programming that may have been holding you back.


You will engage in deeply healing group process work, step into powerful ceremonial space, participate in gentle movement practices designed to nurture your body, have plenty of time for reflection and relaxation, spend time in the rejuvenating African bush and nourish yourself with lovingly prepared, healthy vegetarian cuisine.

Cradled in the sanctuary of Nambwa Tented Lodge, raised high above the ground to give elephants traversing age-old migratory routes the right of way, you will have full access to Bwabwata National Park in the heart of the world’s largest conservation area for wildlife.



Diving Deep, Rising High takes you on a transformational journey during which we will explore three core feminine wounds: Mother Wound, Sister Wound and Womb Wound. These wounds are likely sources of your limiting beliefs and patterns, holding you back and silencing your true voice.

We will gather for three and a half days in a safe, supportive circle of sisters dedicated to their personal and spiritual growth and ready to dive deep. The healing support of mother nature will be omnipresent. Our venue is surrounded by primeval forest and has a natural pool with an island and a spring at the heart of the domain.


Dates: Postponed 

Venue: Le Moulin d’Auron, region Allier, Couleuvre, France 

Price: Early bird until 15 April: Euro 435, thereafter: Euro 460

Our Program: In the mornings our journey comprises guided meditations and shamanic journeys, energy medicine practices such as EFT, trauma release exercises, dance and more. In the afternoon there will be time to rest and integrate. You will have bonus material to work with in order to integrate your journey, insights and energetic shifts further. There will also be the possibility to receive a personal healing and mentoring session, or to explore the exquisite nature of the surroundings. Our evenings will be gentle and restorative with blissful and nourishing yoni steam baths, body prayer and guided meditation.

During our last afternoon we will activate the sacred medicine of the herbal vapor lodge: a temazcal where we will bath and cleanse body, emotions en spirit with special herbs and flowers.

This retreat is guided by two Womb Priestesses trained by the Fountain of Life; Emmi Mutale and Mieke Anthuenis, who met in 2018 at their Womb Awakening Teacher Training in the UK. There was a deep womb connection from the beginning and the two women did some profound transformational work together at the retreat – and now co-create sacred spaces for women to heal and unwind all around the world.

For bookings and inquiries: Mieke, +32 486 275 193 /

For more information:

Emmi is a strong, committed and honest facilitator of a women’s circle, her Voice comes directly from the power of her Womb and her wisdom irradiates in her whole presence and in the way, she keeps the sacred space safe and grounded for the other women. She brings structure, a strong sense of connection and a deep compassionate attitude to everyone, filling in the space with her warm smile and attention to details. I felt blessed to be part of the whole experience in the retreat “Diving Deep, Rising High” under her skilful and warm-hearted leadership. As a therapist she also masters her craft and her deep experience guides her into a tailored approach to each situation and person. I enjoyed very much being under her wise guidance and receiving healing energies from the Goddess.”


Diving Deep, Rising High retreat participant