Calling all women around the globe – now is your time! 

Do you ever wonder why you:

  • Silence your voice and find it hard to say ‘no’?
  • Keep small instead of acknowledging your innate greatness
  • Let opportunities pass by without grabbing them?
  • Give your power away by diminishing your light?
  • Keep comparing yourself to other women?
  • Let fear hold you back from being all that you can be?

Is there a knowing deep inside that tells you it is possible to:

  • Reclaim your soft, feminine power and your Soul purpose
  • Return to your authentic self and embrace true self-love
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and your womb
  • Reconnect with your ancestors and the ancient wisdom within you
  • Balance the masculine and feminine energies within
  • Invite in the energies of compassion, grace and forgiveness
  • Heal wounds and transform beliefs that are keeping you from stepping fully into your power
  • Learn how to apply sacred feminine power in your everyday reality more easily than you ever imagined possible?
  • Open to effortless abundance and embrace the ebbs and flows of life

If that feels impossible to you right now, you are not alone!

Feminine power has been repressed and shamed for so long that feeling disconnected from your essence, intuition and wisdom has become the norm. In order to survive and thrive, you have had to operate from a more masculine space and distance yourself from your sacred feminine essence.

And, it does not have to be that way.

Here’s the secret: You already have enormous power and wisdom within you! Ready to be tapped into!

Right now, the energies on our planet are aligning and shifting so that you can truly step into this power.

Your family needs you, your community needs you, our world needs you to be fully activated in your Sacred Feminine Power so that you can fully align with your Soul’s calling and lead by example.

What you need to do is to accept this calling to activate and embody your Sacred Feminine Power!

The Feminine Is Here To Be Revered

You are a sacred, powerful being! Your intuition, authenticity and compassion as well as your wild, fierce power are needed now more than ever.

It is time to let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from true feminine freedom and joy. It is time to stand strong in your feminine essence, supported by your ancestors and the Divine Mother.

As you do so, a whole new level of being in this world will open up for you and transform the way you show up for yourself and others.

All That You Need Is Already Within You

You hold enormous insight and healing powers within you!

What you may need is just a bit of support to tap into your divine feminine wisdom and womb knowing.

And, there is a system to help you do just that. With the Feminine Revered program, you will learn to access your inner guidance, heal wounds that are holding you back and take steps to lead from an authentic place of feminine power.

Let me explain:

My Journey

I grew up with a dominant, authoritarian father who despite having a big heart, was prone to bursts of anger and who exerted his power over my mother in sometimes violent ways. In his presence, emotions and independent opinions – apart from his own – were not tolerated and I learned to make myself small and stay silent from a very early age.

Later on, I came to learn about the bigger picture, the larger, collective paradigm where men have controlled the world and gone to great lengths to dim the power of women. A paradigm that sees women as inferior and incapable, and within which many of us have learned that belittling, competing with and sometimes hurting each other is the norm.

When I understood that this paradigm was born out of fear and that it exists to control women BECAUSE of our power, things started shifting for me.

I also understood that for us to shift this paradigm, women needed to step fully and unapologetically into their own sacred feminine power.

Now, you may be wondering ‘how am I ever going to do that?! I feel so small and so alone in this and don’t know where to start’

Well, the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to do this alone

The Divine Mother in her many forms is standing right beside you at all times.

She has been coming to me very strongly through the energies of Mother Mary – the gentle, loving, compassionate motherly qualities combined with her fierce, independent and assertive feminine power – and her message is very clear: IT IS TIME!

With Mother Mary’s guidance, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and make myself more visible in the global arena. This has also made me more vulnerable – I am sharing a lot of about my own life out there – but making space for this vulnerability has also resulted in astronomical growth. Mother Mary’s messages have simply been flowing through me.

And when I found the courage to state out loud that I was ready to support thousands of women to activate their power, things started happening very fast.

I believe this call was put out by this feminine energy and if you’ve read this far, you’ve answered the call!

You can truly step into your Sacred Feminine Power – and you don’t have to do this alone.

I am here to support you to let go of fears, doubts and unhelpful beliefs about yourself.

When YOU’RE ready to take your feminine power to another level, things will start falling into place in often unexpected, almost miraculous ways.

I know it’s difficult to come out of your comfort zone, but how much longer do you want to

  • feel powerless and alone?
  • be less than what you are destined to be?
  • continue to give away your power to those around you?
  • feel depleted and like things are just happening to you?
  • continuously yearn for something more authentic and more meaningful?
  • lack deep connection to something bigger than you?
  • feel uncomfortable, confused and disturbed by what is happening in the world and lack the ability to do something about it?

Many clients  come to me feeling

  • scared and anxious
  • stressed and worried
  • confused and powerless
  • disconnected and useless
  • like there’s something missing
  • alone and unsupported
  • tired from living with chronic pain or unexplained illness

They have a deep knowing within, that things can and have to change and that now is the time to make that happen. They cannot do this alone – and they don’t have to do this alone.

I’ve been working with clients from all over the world for nearly 10 years now, supporting them to find direction and confidence, to see that things can get better and that they can be, do or have anything they want.

Thank you, beautiful Emmi, for coming into my life and breathing deep empathy, wisdom and love into it. Thank you for reaching out your hand to help and give support during a really challenging time in my life. Thank you for seeing my Essence and reflecting it back to me, again and again. And in so doing reminding me of the power of love that lies deep inside me.

With every single session I’ve had with you, I feel so deeply connected, held and given space to BE, without fear of being judged. The warm sound of your voice is not only soothing and reassuring, it makes me feel safe and held. You guide and facilitate with so much compassion, and yet also so skillfully. With your guidance I feel safe to feel, express and release emotions and energies that I find very challenging… and something very beautiful, deep and rich emerges. I’m really in awe of how you work, your bigness of heart, your quiet knowing.

With your help, I am able to bring playful, loving light to dark and painful situations and emotions, often leading to immediate shifts in my external world and an ability to face difficulties with a greater sense of empowerment, energy and tenderness toward those near and dear to me. I hope that many, many young women come to be touched by your healing work and by your who-you-are-ness.


South Africa

Emmi is a light worker and an incredible healer. Her power to transform and reshape negative past experiences and entrenched ideas about oneself is amazing. I have had crippling feelings of guilt for many years which Emmi has helped me to embrace and overcome. Friends have commented that I appear ‘lighter’ and that a burden appears to have been visibly lifted from me. This is true! I will be forever grateful for the relief she has given me and for what I have been able to share with her in a safe and protected environment. Thank you, Emmi, from the bottom of my heart!



Emmi is a strong, committed and honest facilitator of a women’s circle, her Voice comes directly from the power of her Womb and her wisdom irradiates in her whole presence and in the way, she keeps the sacred space safe and grounded for the participants. She brings structure, a strong sense of connection and a deep compassionate attitude to everyone, filling in the space with her warm smile and attention to details”



With the wisdom and understanding gathered from these connections, my own life experiences as well as support from my ancestors and guides, I have developed a Program that supports women to release and heal lifetimes of wounds and pain, to activate a deeper connection to the Divine Mother and to learn how to step into their power.

My Program has also been influenced by my work as an activist for women’s and children’s rights for nearly 20 years with different organisations and agencies, in different parts of the world.

For me, being an activist is not so much about attending demonstrations and signing petitions (although these can play an important role in social change, too).

It is about becoming a role model for others around HOW to lead a life embodied in one’s Sacred Feminine Power.


Here, you are:

  • walking the talk and staying in integrity with your values;
  • speaking up against injustice (whether that’s in your community or on a global level);
  • saying ‘no’ when something doesn’t feel right;
  • paying homage to your lineage and ancestors – and to the collective experience of women all over the world;
  • treating your body as the temple that she is;
  • supporting other women on their paths instead of constant comparisons and backstabbing;
  • aligning with your power in order to be a beacon of light in the world.

And most importantly, when you stray off this path, you recognize it and step right back onto it – with full compassion and understanding for yourself (no guilt or remorse allowed!)

I call this being a
Sacred Feminine Power Activist

I’ve created a 4-week course to support you to do this, so that you can put your feminine power into practice and stand up for things you believe in, in a way that is aligned with your higher purpose and what the planet needs right now.


4-week Online Program
Becoming a Sacred Feminine Power Activist

What you will receive in this Program:
The Bigger Picture

Here you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of why the feminine has been suppressed for so long so you can begin the journey of cellular release and forgiveness
  • Get insights into the role that ancestral and collective wounds plays in your life so that you start to let go of limiting patterns in your life
  • Become more familiar with the five core feminine wounds that all of us carry so that you can better understand your own journey
  • Receive a reflection guide designed to inspire greater insight about your own experience so you can dig deeper into your own experiences and connect with inner guidance to prepare for the healing process
  • Participate in a forgiveness activation which is all about transforming the energy of the collective wounds within you
Deepen Your Connection To Your Feminine Power
  • Learn how to transform your experience by using powerful energy shifting practices so that you are better equipped for life’s challenges and find greater peace and harmony within
  • Participate in high vibration energy activations to take your sacred feminine power to the next level so that you can begin to walk your path and align choices and opportunities with your soul’s calling
  • Continue your process of self-reflection for an even deeper understanding of your own path
Embody Your Sacred Feminine Power
  • Release one of the most debilitating beliefs that so many of us hold onto – I am not enough – so that you can truly understand your own power and worth
  • Receive an embodiment activation so that you are clearer about your soul’s path and have the courage to step onto it
  • Attend a live online sister circle where you will feel the power of doing energy work together and have a chance to share your experiences on this journey (the webinar will be recorded)
Weaving Your Unique Path
  • Draft your plan for becoming a Sacred Feminine Power Activist in your own life so that you know what to prioritise and ensure you dedicate time for YOU and your wellbeing
  • Receive tips for tapping into your sacred feminine power in everyday life so that you know how to help and support yourself when needed and to continue deepening your relationship to yourself



Week 1; 25–29 November, 2019
Week 2; 02–06 December, 2019
Week 3; 09–13 December, 2019
Week 4; 16–20 December 2019

Live Online Sister Circle

Thursday 12 December at 19:30 Zambia/CAT (GMT +2). Click here to find out what time this is in your time zone



Full access to:

  • all course material
  • a closed FaceBook group for sharing and supporting each other
  • one live online sister circle







– or –



– or –




Full access to:

  • all course material
  • a closed FaceBook group for sharing and supporting each other
  • one live online sister circle
  • an online one on one healing session with me
  • weekly email support for the duration of the program




– or –



– or –




For the first 20 people who sign up

The “Living an Empowered Life” Digital Program (USD697 value)
by my friend Sharon Wilson, who has helped healers, coaches and small business owners grow their business in a way that is aligned and heart-centered. In this program, you will learn how to use a spiritual/energy system to attract more prosperity, have better health, and have more harmonious relationships.

For everyone who signs up

Recording of the activations from our 5-day online journey:
Step Into Your Sacred Feminine Power (USD47 value)


This program has been inspired by the energies of the Divine Mother, who’s guidance has been instrumental in the development of a lot of the material that you will have access to. When you emerge from this program you’re going to feel different – you will have gained new levels of insight and clarity, let go of wounds and unhelpful beliefs and have a clearer understanding of what to do next. Because of the power of the energy shifting methods that I use – and based on results with clients all over the world, I am backing this 4-week program with a money back guarantee. If after the first week of the program you feel unsatisfied, you can apply for a refund and I will joyfully refund you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program meant for?

This program is for you if you are:

  • geared for change and transformation in your own life and beyond
  • interested in going deeper in your personal growth journey
  • wishing to let go of unhelpful fears and beliefs
  • ready to heal deep-seated wounds that have been keeping you small
  • desiring to step more fully into their power
  • yearning to make a difference on a larger scale
  • feeling the nudge from the Divine Mother (an inner knowing, a pull towards something bigger, something deeper, growing discomfort with the way things are right now)

If you are 100% happy with your life at all levels and do not wish for any kind of transformation, then this program is NOT for you.

How does this program work?

For the 4-week duration of the program, you will receive weekly emails containing information about each week’s topic. You will also gain access to materials (PDF files, recordings) that will help you take your journey a notch deeper.

During the third week of the program, you will also be able to participate in a live online sister circle where we will do powerful energy shifting work amplified by the power of the group.

If you choose option 1, you will have access to me during the live online sister circle. If you choose option 2, you will receive a one-hour online healing session with me, as well as weekly email support for the duration of the program.

What can I expect to get out of this Program?

  • You can expect to have a deeper understanding of the global context that we live in, why women have been oppressed for so long and how ancestral and collective trauma affects you, too.
  • You will release unhelpful energy and be supported to let go of beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • You will also develop your own Sacred Feminine Power Activist Plan designed to help you to take the next steps on your precious journey of empowerment.

Can you tell me more about the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee?

This work is powerful and will result in energetic shifts as well as concrete action. However, if you are not satisfied after the first week of the program, I will happily refund you your investment.

How long will I have access to the program material?

You will have lifetime access to the program materials.

How much time should I dedicate to the program each week?

As always with transformational work, the more you put into it, the more you will gain from it. However, I want you to listen to your body and go at the pace that the slowest part in you is ready to move at, because this way you are honoring yourself at a very deep level.

You may wish to plan for an hour and a half to two hours a week to be able to listen to the audios and do the recommended practices. Many women choose to do some of the energy shifting work more than once.

What if I cannot participate in the live webinar?

You will receive a recording of the webinar and can listen to it at a time convenient for you.

Working with Emmi has opened my eyes and my heart. Before I started, I struggled a lot with finding a way to reach my inner child and to make a connection with my core being. I could never have imagined that that I could get so much relief on physical, mental and spiritual levels, and understand myself better. Each session with Emmi helped me to look at the different pieces of the puzzle and we dug a little deeper on whatever came up as a topic. Emmi is someone who makes you feel safe, coaches and guides you on the way. She helped me find my way back to my inner child, and we even processed a past life event together! I am very grateful for that!”



Emmi’s work is simply amazing and so effective. Emmi’s soft calming voice guided me through emotional changes within our sessions. She is incredibly patient and considerate. She helped me change my fears and anger. I am so thankful to her as my life is rapidly changing in a positive way. I would recommend Emmi anytime; working with her, you will feel yourself change on a daily basis.


United Kingdom

Emmi is a full hearted and passionate woman, who makes me feel safe and supported at all times. She was amazing at holding space for each of us and with her facilitation, we developed a strong bond, a true sisterhood, within the group, too. We cried and we laughed together. I dived deep into my female side, something I have never done in my entire life. I was not aware of how much trapped energy, trauma and unknown history there is in my womb. I am now also fascinated by how much our ancestors influence our lives till today. Emmi took us on journeys and meditations, where we went deep into our subconscious and often far back in time, and this had a huge impact on me. I truly enjoyed what I learned, I found my female side and I found healing. This program, done by this amazing woman Emmi, has had a huge impact of my personal and my professional life. Bless you, Emmi. I would recommend her program to everyone to raise awareness of who we are and where we come from.



If you have any questions, please contact Emmi,
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