Discover the gifts in the wounds you carry and emerge as a new you!

In Pathway One, we take a deeper look at the five core feminine wounds, exploring how they manifest in your life and what meaning they hold for you. We gently and lovingly move into each core wound, releasing blockages and healing that which surfaces for you during our exploration.

As women, we all carry aspects and degrees of five core feminine wounds inside us. These wounds are interlinked and hold memories of life and soul experiences. They also contain beliefs connected to motherhood, sisterhood, our monthly cycles and first bleeds, our bodies and our sexual experiences.

Often these wounds keep us small, lodged in pain, hidden and in fear. However, they are also immensely powerful and comprise beautiful gifts and sacred wisdom for us! When addressed in a safe, loving space, they open the doorway not only to our greatest selves, but to generational and global healing.

To learn more about the wounds please watch this interview.

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Discovery Session

Are you ready to dive deep and rise high?

During your session we will get to the heart of what you’re truly desiring, what may be holidng you back, and how we can work together to lift you up.


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