The Divine Feminine Is Rising!

She is raising the vibration of our planet and asking you to join her…



Are You Ready?

  • Can you sense the new frequency being calibrated on Mother Earth?
  • Do you want to cultivate a deeper connection to the Great Mother?
  • Are you drawn to working with your womb as a sacred cauldron of ancient wisdom?
  • Do you resonate with the idea of embodying your sacred feminine power?
  • Are you ready to love yourself, exactly the way you are?

Imagine what would happen, if

We all started to embody and engage our Sacred Feminine Power?

We all acknowledged the incredible healing potential within our cells?

We re-remembered the ancient wisdom and power contained in our wombs?

We reconnected with the magic of Mother Earth and all living beings?

We reclaimed the magic of Sisterhood and stood hand in hand?

We all fell unconditionally, unapologetically in love with ourselves?

Our world would be a very different place!

And guess what? The time is now.

This is what you have been preparing for.

This is what you came on Earth to do at this time.

The energies on our planet are aligning and shifting at an exponential rate so that you can let go of any remaining fears, overwhelm, insecurities and disillusions, and

Truly Step into Your Sacred Feminine Power

Your ancestors and multi-dimensional beings led by the Great Mother are standing right behind you, re-awakening cellular memories of our galactic connections and holding space for your transformation.

Can you feel this?

Are you ready to remember who you’ve always been?


You Are a Divine Being of Light! A Divine Spark!

When you start to embody this knowing, healing and transformation take place at an exponential rate and magical synchronicities begin to manifest in your life.

I have been so very blessed on my own journey of awakening to have had wise, powerful mentors (some with physical bodies, others more energetic and ethereal in nature) guide me into a place of greater understanding and power.

I am also very fortunate to have built for myself a potent inner alchemy ‘toolkit’ that combines ancient, sacred feminine practices with more modern energy shifting processes so that I can flow with life with more ease and grace.

Emmi in rain

My greatest wish is for you to feel supported and to have access to these practices, too.

I know it can be difficult to take the leap and embrace your true power – but how much longer are you going to wait?

I’ve been working with clients all over the world for over a decade now, supporting them to find healing and peace, and to remember that they can be, do or have anything they want.

With the wisdom and understanding gathered from these connections, my own life experiences as well as support from my ancestors and guides, I have created a program that helps women to embody their Sacred Feminine Power.

Here, women:

  • connect consciously with the Great Mother and their womb-centered inner knowing and power;
  • learn simple, yet potent practices and rituals intended to spark a deeper sense of selflove on a daily basis;
  • release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them and
  • start to manifest the lives they have been yearning for, contributing to our collective evolution.

And most importantly, treat themselves with love and compassion especially when things don’t go according to plan (no guilt or remorse allowed!).

Thank you, beautiful Emmi, for coming into my life and breathing deep empathy, wisdom and love into it. Thank you for reaching out your hand to help and give support during a really challenging time in my life. Thank you for seeing my Essence and reflecting it back to me, again and again. And in so doing reminding me of the power of love that lies deep inside me. With your guidance I feel safe to feel, express and release emotions and energies that I find very challenging… and something very beautiful, deep and rich emerges.


South Africa

Embody Your Sacred Feminine Power

Womb-centered 4-week online immersion
What you will receive in this program:


Week 1; Conscious Connection
  • re-establish a beautiful connection to your womb space
  • connect with your ancestors and guides for constant support
  • learn how to cultivate and integrate the energy of Great Mother in your life
  • awaken cellular memories and galactic wisdom
  • daily devotional practice to further integrate your healing
Week 2; Cultivating Selflove
  • learn simple, yet powerful selfcare practices and rituals that can be used on a daily basis
  • let go of unhelpful beliefs stopping you from fully loving yourself
  • establish selfcare routines that will shift your energy
  • daily devotional practice to further integrate your healing
Week 3; The Power of Inner Alchemy
  • learn potent energy shifting practices to lift your vibration
  • release beliefs around not being worthy
  • open up to flows of abundance
  • daily devotional practice to further integrate your healing
Week 4; Holding the Vision
  • learn powerful manifestation tools
  • become crystal clear on what you want to manifest – for yourself and for our planet
  • be ready to hold this vision and maintain its vibration on a daily basis
  • daily devotional practice to further integrate your healing

Emmi is a light worker and an incredible healer. Her power to transform and reshape negative past experiences and entrenched ideas about oneself is amazing. I have had crippling feelings of guilt for many years which Emmi has helped me to embrace and overcome. Friends have commented that I appear ‘lighter’ and that a burden appears to have been visibly lifted from me. This is true! I will be forever grateful for the relief she has given me and for what I have been able to share with her in a safe and protected environment. Thank you, Emmi, from the bottom of my heart!




Week 1

19 July – 24 July 2020

Week 2

25 July – 01 August 2020

Week 3

02 August – 08 August 2020

Week 4

09 – 15 August 2020

LIVE Online Sister Circle: Thursday 06 August 2020 (recorded)

You will receive your weekly materials on the Sunday of each week
and can do the exercises at a time that is convenient for you.




all course material

a private FaceBook group for sharing and supporting each other

one live online sister circle




– or –





Step into Your Sacred Feminine Power Activation
(value USD 59)

Access to my Soul Gifts Cauldron
 an evolving directory of gifts from my Soul Sisters and Brothers
(value USD 999)



all course material

a private FaceBook group for sharing and supporting each other

one live online sister circle

an online one on one healing session with me

weekly email support for the duration of the program

an oracle card reading




– or –





For the first 20 people who sign up
The “Living an Empowered Life” Digital Program
by Sharon Wilson, Founder of Coaching from Spirit
(value USD 697)

For all who sign up
Step into Your Sacred Feminine Power Activation
(value USD 59)

Access to my Soul Gifts Cauldron
an evolving directory of gifts from my
Soul Sisters and Brothers
(value USD 999)


This program has been inspired by the energies of the Divine Mother, who’s guidance has been instrumental in the development of a lot of the material that you will have access to. When you emerge from this program you’re going to feel different – you will have gained new levels of insight and clarity, let go of wounds and unhelpful beliefs and have a clearer understanding of what to do next. Because of the power of the energy shifting methods that I use – and based on results with clients all over the world, I am backing this 4-week program with a money back guarantee. If after the first week of the program you feel unsatisfied, you can apply for a refund and I will joyfully refund you.


Emmi is a strong, committed and honest facilitator of a women’s circle, her Voice comes directly from the power of her Womb and her wisdom irradiates in her whole presence and in the way, she keeps the sacred space safe and grounded for the participants. She brings structure, a strong sense of connection and a deep compassionate attitude to everyone, filling in the space with her warm smile and attention to details”



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program meant for?

This program is for you if you are:

  • geared for change and transformation in your own life and beyond
  • interested in going deeper in your personal growth journey
  • wishing to let go of unhelpful fears and beliefs
  • ready to heal deep-seated wounds that have been keeping you small
  • desiring to step more fully into their power
  • yearning to make a difference on a larger scale
  • feeling the nudge from the Great Mother (an inner knowing, a pull towards something bigger, something deeper, growing discomfort with the way things are right now)

If you are 100% happy with your life at all levels and do not wish for any kind of transformation, then this program is NOT for you.

How does this program work?

For the 4-week duration of the program, you will receive weekly emails containing information about each week’s topic. You will also gain access to materials (PDF files, recordings) that will help you take your journey a notch deeper.

During the third week of the program, you will also be able to participate in a live online sister circle where we will do powerful energy shifting work amplified by the power of the group.

If you choose option 1, you will have access to me during the live online sister circle. If you choose option 2, you will receive a one-hour online healing session with me, as well as weekly email support for the duration of the program, and an oracle card reading.

What can I expect to get out of this Program?

  • You can expect to have a deeper understanding of the global context which we live in, why we have lost connection to our wombs – our portals into healing, wisdom and power – and how ancestral and collective trauma affects you, too.
  • You will activate a greater sense of selflove and learn selfcare practices and rituals for daily use.
  • You will learn powerful tools for releasing stagnant energy and lifting your vibration.
  • You will learn to embody Sacred Feminine Power in ways that serve your highest potential.
  • You will birth a vision for your best possible life and learn how to manifest this.

Can you tell me more about the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee?

This work is powerful and will result in energetic shifts as well as concrete action. However, if you are not satisfied after the first week of the program, I will happily refund you your investment.

How long will I have access to the program material?

You will have lifetime access to the program materials.

How much time should I dedicate to the program each week?

As always with transformational work, the more you put into it, the more you will gain from it. However, I want you to listen to your body and go at the pace that the slowest part in you is ready to move at, because this way you are honoring yourself at a very deep level.

You may wish to plan for an hour and a half to two hours a week to be able to listen to the audios and do the recommended practices. Many women choose to do some of the energy shifting work more than once.

Not Sure This is For You?

No worries – please, contact me and I’m happy to chat with you about it.

If you have any questions, please contact Emmi,
You can read our Privacy Policy here.