Diving Deep, Rising High Retreat, Egypt


More about the Sacred Sites that we will visit

The information shared below is a combination of material found online as well as wisdom channeled by our Priestesss Guide, Kriszta Veres.

Sakkara Healing Temple, Giza

Day 1

Sakkara is known as a vast, ancient burial ground, serving as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara features numerous pyramids, including the world-famous Step Pyramid of Djoser. For us, however, the magic of Sakkara lies in the healing vibration of the Pyramid and the Temple complex around the Pyramid. Here at Sakkara, healing happened through surrendering the mind to the heart. Priestesses and priests in ancient times put the mind to sleep through the power of prayers, dance, snake medicine, sound and the magic of the maze underneath the Step Pyramid, carved into the bedrock. Within this maze, many alabaster jars have been found thus connecting this healing sanctuary to the Magdalene energies. We will walk the healing path of the Temple, and activate our alabaster jars here.

Priestess Gate, Priestess Island, Aswan

Day 3

The Priestess Gate is a powerful ceremonial gate through which Priestesses in the olden days would have passed to access the original Isis Temple. Whilst the location of original temple got submerged with the building of the Aswan Dam and the temple was relocated to the island of Agilika, the Priestess Gate remains a poignant reminder of the ancient rituals and acts as an entry way to the past and other dimensions. The gate is located on the Priestess Island, where we will also stay for 7 nights and focus on process work (both in groups and one on one) on the Sister Wound.

On our second day on the island, we will do a sunrise healing ceremony at the gate, honoring those who have walked before us and speaking out loud our dreams and intentions for our own highest good and potential. We will work with both the rose and lotus oils here.

Kalabsha Temple, Aswan, Egypt

Day 3

Originally situated on the west bank of the Nile River, in Nubia, and built around 30 BC during the early Roman era, the Kalabsha Temple was dedicated to Mandulis, the Nubian name for Horus. Its walls are adorned with an intriguing mixture of imagery with Egyptian and Roman themes. The temple was constructed over earlier sanctuaries dedicated to Amenhotep II and before him, the Great Mother, Hathor. When the Aswan High Dam was built, the temple was relocated to protect it from the rising waters and is now located just south of the Aswan Dam.

Energetically, this temple is a powerful place for letting go of what no longer serves us. We will have done process work on both the Sister Wound before visiting Kalabsha, so you have a beautiful opportunity to further release energies related to this wound. We may also have the possibility to carry out a sisterhood ceremony at the Hathor Sanctuary and will initiate our own unique versions of the Dreampath, which in the ancient times used to be travelled by Priestess and Queen initiates, taking them from one temple to another along the Nile between the Elephantine Island and Abu Simbel, and prompting visions and dreams along the way.

Next we will be visiting Nefertari and Hathor II Temples, Abu Simbel and Elephantine Island Temple, Aswan

Fined out more about the optional extra day in Cairo.



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