Kintsugi is a 500-year old Japanese practice, where a broken artefact is restored with a lacquer that is mixed with gold, silver or platinum. Rather than throwing the broken item away, Kintsugi acknowledges the gifts and beauty found in the process of being broken and put together again and sees the filled in cracks as a testament to the piece’s history and ability to be whole again.

When we apply the same principle to ourselves, we start to realise that it is in our wounds that we find our greatest gifts. It is these wounds that have shaped us into who we are today and that hold the potential to enormous personal growth and healing. As Rumi said; “the wound is where the light gets in.”

Because these wounds are often very painful, it can be easier to bury them deep inside and pretend that they no longer exist. Sometimes our bodies protect us by erasing the memory of the event altogether.

Yet, the masks and walls we build around ourselves to keep the pain at bay often keep us from moving forward and from becoming who we truly are. It is only when we allow ourselves to fully feel the wounds and the pain, and look at the hurt, anger, frustration and resentment face to face, that we begin our healing.

As we are all interconnected, many of our wounds are collective ones; picked up from our mothers and grandmothers, carried on from generations that have experienced wars and famines and taken on from the patriarchal mindset and world order that has suppressed, silenced, dishonoured and harmed women for so long.

It is time to bring the concept of Kintsugi into our everyday lives and cherish the wounds that we carry. By opening up to their deep wisdom, we free ourselves and are able to soar – just like we are meant to do!

EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki are all methods that work at the subconscious level, helping us to access and heal core wounds and beliefs that we have taken on. If you are called to looking at your wounding and taking your life to the next level, please, contact me.